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Proximity Switching

Proximity Switching

Proximity Switching is a very important piece in the energy management puzzle.

When you know what energy is being used where, to take action you need effortless control. Proximity switching can produce an excellent return on investment due to the incredibly low installation cost and massive savings that can be achieved.


Large office or housing blocks often choose to leave lighting running around the clock for no reason and in the process waste hundreds of pounds of electricity per annum.


In many circumstances most lights only need to be on when someone enters the close vicinity. Proximity switches intelligently sense movement and automatically send power where is required, when no further movement is detected power is simply stopped once again.


This solution can be applied across various other commercial and domestic environments such as;


  • Open Plan offices with unoccupied areas that do not require constant illumination
  • Communal corridors where 24/7 lighting is not required
  • Meeting rooms, toiles, staff rooms, canteen areas
  • Domestic utility rooms, toilets, garages


There are many applications where proximity switches can help save energy and money, each design is tailored to suit individual requirements – when combined with LED lighting the potential savings can weigh in at a very impressive rate.