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If you have a Photovoltaic (PV) system you have may have noticed that you are exporting over 50% of your energy into the national grid.

However with the use of an immerSUN unit you can have PV water heating, you can ‘heat your water for free’ using your own green energy. Surplus energy from your PV panels can be diverted to heat your water using your immersion heater, turning your PV system into a solar hot water heating system as well.

Optionally, the surplus free and green energy can be used to heat your rooms, the immerSUN PV water heating system is a simple and straight forward option to heat water and your house with solar PV panels.

Additionally an immerSUN system can cascade free energy to a second heat source; for example it can divert your free PV energy to storage heaters, electric underfloor heating or electric panel heaters once the first source is satisfied.

Whether you already have Solar PV system installed and simply require a bolt-on ImmerSUN unit or you would like a new installation please don’t hesitate to contact us.